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By Hasbro

About the Game

It's an even more outrageous picture hunt! With different pictures to find and an easier way to play, welcome to a fresh world of frantic fun! Find the objects fast or first to keep the card. Collect enough cards to win and you're the PICTUREKA! champ! Combine with original PICTUREKA! for double the fun!

My Thoughts

I admit it – I am a Pictureka! junkie.   I TOTALLY adore the game.   It is fantastic.  Since we got introduced to the Disney version of the game, I have my eye opened to find other ways to play the game.   While shopping during December, I stumbled on the card game version which we could bring with us at the trailer.   I even saw a version with a little penguin that distribute the cards to play with.   

Seeing how the kids had fun with the Disney version, I asked Hasbro if I could review the original edition of the game.  The game is quite easy.   You have pictures boards on the table and you need to collect cards to win.   I find Pictureka! to be a very creative game of observation.image   Remember when  you were a kid and you had the game where you had to observe a table full of object for a period of time and you had to list as many objects that were on the table as possible after it was covered?    We used to play this a lot when I was in the girl guides.  Okay maybe not everyone got introduce to this game but in the Girl Guides we played it a lot…! Anyhow, the game of Pictureka! reminds me of this but it is different at the same time.   You have to find the images as fast as you can in order to win the game.   

What is fun with this game is the flexibility attached to it.   We can play this version only or we can add more fun but incorporating the Disney version with it.   More research to do means more fun together as a family!  Also, it is flexible in the ways you want to play.   I am homeschooling my kids and I discovered that I can use the images to train my kids to be quick in observation.    I find it is a skill that is important in life.   

Pictureka is a game that will provide hours of fun for our family whether we are at home or on the road with our RV.  You can play it inside or outside if the weather is nice.    And as a parent, be sure to be quick to shout Pictureka! because the kids are fast at yelling it too!  I thought I was quick to find something but this game is challenging me when I play with the kids…   I’m having fun with my family and I love to see the excitement of the kids – especially the younger one – when they find it before mom and dad.  *grin*   Definitively priceless!

By the way, did you know that Pictureka! is also an app on the iPhone and iPad?   You can purchase it here.  The app is different than the game as you are travelling on islands to discover the images asked.    I personally like it a lot.  But I think I am biased as I just adore Pictureka!  I am so glad we have discovered it!

Pictureka! the 2nd Edition is available at your favourite toy store.

Disclaimer: Thanks to Hasbro Canada for sending me the featured product for review purpose. I was not monetarily compensated for this review. Please note that the review was not influenced by the Sponsor in any way. All opinions expressed here are only my own.

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  1. i have wanted to buy this game for a while now. I feel more excited now, i must buy it soon!