Sunday, April 17, 2011


After months of going back and forth with the company who sold us our sofas AND the vendor of the company which made the sofas… we finally had closure on our issue.

I have written about the fact that one of the sofas had a spring that broke and ripped the material in the back of it.   According of the paperwork I received with the sofas, I should have a 5 years warranty.   Since the sofa is only a couple of years old I decided to call.   I got told that the warranty was only 1 year and I hit a wall.   I decided to fight about it.   Send a registered letter about it.   It got the wheels going….


Last Wednesday after waiting a month after the confirmation that repairs will be done, a business in town came to pick up the said sofa to proceed for the repairs paid by the company who made the sofa I think.   It took a while but at leas they came to pick it up…   Problem was the material was discontinued.   Honestly, I just wanted to spring to be repaired and the material to be sewed up somehow…

On Thursday morning, they brought back the sofa.    And check it out…


NOTHING.    You can’t see a thing about the break and destroyed spring.    I am SO impressed with the work done.

The work was done by Al's Drapery And Upholstery Factory on 1177 Brookfield Rd in Ottawa.  Their phone number is 613-733-4444.

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