Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Baking and smoking

I’ve been quiet the last few months.   I guess I am trying to juggle a course, blogging, homeschooling, and more at the same time.

Winter is gone and spring is here – even though it is quite cold still in our city.   But I see the end of the dark tunnel of winter and can hardly wait to smell the tulips in May.

Apart from that, I have finished my first course for the Social Media Certificate I am doing.   I got 98%.   WoW!   I wasn’t expecting this.

On another note, my oven is experiencing some problems.  Last week, I asked my oldest to put the croissant in it while I was going to do some exercises.   After 20 minutes, I came back up and it hasn’t been done.  So I asked him: “Why haven’t you put the croissants in?” He answered that the oven had not beeped to indicate that the warming period was done.  I checked.  He was right…   Grumble.

So I went to dig our invoice and we had an extended warranty on it.   So I called.   Someone came on Thursday afternoon and it turns out that the element was toast…  we got a new one.   Great now I could do the baking I needed to do.

On Saturday, I mix my cake and start the oven for the baking.  Within 10 minutes, the oven was beeping – code F10 – and smoke was coming out of it.   Great!  Needless to say the cake wasn’t cooked in the middle and the top was burned.

So I called again.

Monday I received a call from the company which will send the technician.  They are baffled.   So he is coming this afternoon!

We shall see what will happen with this.

Praying for a new oven… *grin*    but I am realist too.

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