Thursday, April 14, 2011

Glo Premium

A few years ago, if you would have asked me if digital book would take over the world I would have said no. Today I see the future in ebooks.  But honesty I never thought that one day the paper Bible would be replaced by something totally virtual and amazing!

I was first introduced to Glo the Digital Bible when I attended the 2009 Leadership Summit in my town.  Back then a special reveal of Glo had been made and every participant to the summit were given a free introduction copy. I was so impressed by the product that I asked for the opportunity of reviewing it when it was officially released.

I had had various software of the BIble but it never grabbed my heart.   I really enjoy this digital version of the Bible.    It is very visual and contains high resolution photos, encyclopedia articles, virtual tours, videos, art and maps.  I realize that not everyone will be interested in having this product but recently they have launched a premium version of the Glo Bible on the PC, MAC and iPad.    Soon the iPhone/iPod version will also be available at the tip of your fingers.   The best of it is that all updates include the latest enhancements.   Even if you have purchased the older version of Glo, you receive the latest updates.  Actually, everyone who already has Glo can enjoy all their Premium content on up to 5 devices.

Glo is definitively NOT the first version of the Bible on computer but most of them are geared for scholars.   This particular version is more geared toward families and everyone can enjoy it.    Mashable has even  written about the product.

Glo has arrived on the iPad - an interactive Bible also called the social Bible has you can share between family and friends your notes.   Presently the iPad version doesn't have all the lenses available on the PC but I have been told that they are developing them right now.    I am more than excited to be able to share this with my kids in our homeschool. Having the Glo on the iPad will make it more portable for us as we sat in the living room and discover Israel and places mentioned in the Bible.   I could also use it for our history lessons with the fact that it brings the words of the Bible to life with all the videos, photos, articles, 360-degree virtual tours and much more that you can access at anytime, anywhere and right away.

What I find interesting is that you can download the "Lite" version to check it out and if you like it, you can then decide to purchase the premium version.  Glo is already receiving rave reviews on iTunes for it's new iPad app.  It has reached #6 in the 'Reference' category of the App Store!

For more information go to

You can download Glo Lite for free anytime (including an offline access to the Bestselling NIV Bible) by going to the App store or by clicking one of the links below.
Glo for iPad
Glo for Mac
Glo for PC

How to download?

Existing Users:

Download Glo on your platform of choice
On Launch, choose the “loging” tab
Login using the email you used to register Glo
Enjoy all your media and translations on up to 5 devices!

New Users:

Download Glo on your platform of choice
On Launch, register to get the FREE NIV
Enjoy Glo Lite for free, or upgrade to Glo Premium to get Glo on your PC, Mac and iPad (up to 5 devices)

Outside of the US and Canada:

Glo will be launching in more countries soon.  Stay tuned to the Glo Blog for a launch announcement for the British Text version of Glo, solf in countries like UK, Australia, Singapore, South Africa and more.


Last week Glo launched on Mac and iPad in addition to the PC.   One of my reader can win an upgrade to Glo Premium for free (a $69.99 value).

To participate, watch this video and tell me since when they have started of working on the concept of the Glo Bible.  This entry is mandatory. Don’t forget to include your email address in the comment.

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Open to Canadian and US residents ONLY.

Deadline: April 24, 2011 – Easter Day!



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