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About the app

Kidimedia is a safe, digital playground for 3 to 7 years old.   It is designed for the iPad and contains a variety of education games that will entertain, stimulate and challenge your child.

Kidimedia comes pre-packaged with 150 games of 7 different types. But what makes Kidimedia really unique, is its ability to automatically download extra games from the kidimedia.com website, so there's always something new to play!

A community of parents and teachers creates these games using user-friendly wizards hosted on the kidimedia.com website... and you can too!

Create your own jigsaw puzzle using family pictures, or your own counting game using pictures of your child's favorite toys. It's a great activity to do together with your child: fun, stimulating and super easy!

My Thoughts

This app is perfect for two of my kids – Jasmine age 3 and Jérémy age 5.   For each activities you will find in this app, you will have two to three levels of difficulty.    Jasmine can easily do the one star level of difficulty and some two stars level.    Jérémy, being older, is more at an age to be able to do the three stars level of difficulty.

Each of them enjoyed the games.   Jasmine’s favourite one is definitively the puzzles.  While Jérémy can navigate easily from one activity to another without my help.


There are 9 options of games on the Kidimedia app.

The first one is the puzzles section.   Three levels of difficulties are available for your child.   The hardest level has 16 pieces of puzzles to resolve.

The second option is a connect-the-dots activity with two levels of difficulty.   The hardest level will bring your child up to number 20.   Each time the child touches a number the app will say it.   Repetition is essential at a young age so getting it repeated is good.   You can also ask you child to say the number as well as he progresses in discovering the image behind the connect-the-dots.image

The third game will entertain your child by drawing by selecting stamps on a specific scene.  The child also has the possibility of moving the piece at a different angle.

The fourth activity will permit the child to match the picture to the shape at the bottom of the screen.  There are three levels of difficulty on this specific activity.  Level 1 will have simple images while level 3 will have more complicated images.

The fifth activity has two levels of difficulty.  Essentially it is a guessing game.   Either blocks of wood or a spot will allow you to try to guess the image under.   Once you have guessed, you can reveal it and see if you are right.

The sixth activity is a game of association.    Three levels of difficulty are available with harder associations to make as you advance.  

The seventh activity has two levels of difficulty and will help you child to sequence images.   In a nutshell, the child has to put the images in the right order.   This being a skill acquired at an older age, the levels of difficulty are two and three stars.

The eight activity is a matching game with three levels of difficulty.   The highest the levels, the more tiles there will be.   This activity is very good for observation.  However, I was disappointed to see a devil in the images for the hardest level in the midst of the animals.   I would strongly suggest to change that specific image.

Finally the last option allows you to to create your own jigsaw, connect-the-dots, or any Kidimedia game in a snap!  By selecting this option, it will bring you to a website where you can pick a game, upload your images and voilà!

In conclusion, I think Kidimedia has interesting games for your children and I particularly like the fact that there are levels of difficulties for each of them.   The activities are covering the essential skills that a preschooler and kindergartner should have.    My favourite activity is the sequence one as it helps the child to think of the order things are happening.     

Kidimedia is available on iTunes for the price of 1.99$.

Disclaimer: I received the app for review purposes. I was not monetarily compensated for this review. Please note that the review was not influenced by the Sponsor in any way.  All opinions expressed here are only my own.

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