Monday, March 29, 2010

2010 Schoolhouse Planner

2010 Schoolhouse Planner

Published at TOS

Watch out homeschoolers because the TOS Schoolhouse Planner is just around the corner!

This wonderful ebook is put together by a multitude of people wrote on a variety of subjects to encourage and nurture whoever would read it. The articles, resource lists and recipes are divided in months going from July to June. Theses covers subjects like Bible, Arts, Involvements of dads in the homeschool, Reading, Maths, Manners, History, Languages, Electronic Devices, Health, Writing, Notebooking, Geography, Logic and so much more. The recipes I’ve seen so far look so yummy that I am hoping to try new recipes every week in the coming year!

But the Schoolhouse Planner is not only about articles, recipes and resource lists. The main part of this 2010 Schoolhouse Planner is to give homeschoolers like you and me a multitude of forms and instructions to help you manage your homeschool better. Being effective for next year is one of my main objectives. This year I did better than the previous years but with more kids and more subjects coming I need to become better at tracking and following up on the projects we do. In this ebook you will find many documents that will help you to do so. From curriculum form to grocery list, you will find something that will be helpful. You can see that the people behind this Schoolhouse Planner have thought about a lot of different documents to help homeschoolers to manage their home, school and much more. In fact, I’ve counted twenty-eight NEW reports/documents that you can use in your daily lives. I also discovered a wonderful section for preschoolers which I intend to use with my daughter next year. Have a special page for her will help me to keep in mind that she wants to be involved in our school time.

The Schoolhouse Planner is well thought and everyone will find something that they can use. But part of me still think that this would be much more wonderful to convert this paperwork into a computerize system that will make the life of homeschoolers even more easily to do. It is feasible – I can see a database giving the opportunity of the user to print the documents that they need when they need to. And I find it would be easier to put it together for the purpose of tracking the school year. Both my husband and I have a degree in computer sciences and can see how this could be done. Nevertheless, the 2010 Schoolhouse Planner is simply fantastic and I think you will be able to learn something new from it.

Interested in getting a copy of the brand new 2010 Schoolhouse Planner?   Simply go to this page and purchase it from TOS.   For 28$ it is a good resource to have to help you track all your activities during your school year.

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