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Sense and Sensibility, insight edition

Sense and Sensibility – insight edition

Written by Jane Austen
Published at Bethany House

About the book
The Classic Tale of Secret Engagements, First Loves, and Two Sisters, Opposites in Every Way

Smile . . . you are about to read not only one of the classic works of English literature, but a novel filled with love, humor, and heart.

This edition of Sense and Sensibility exists to make your reading experience all the more pleasurable--offering interesting trivia, uniquely humorous insight, and meaningful inspiration.

Prudent Elinor Dashwood and her passionate sister, Marianne, will come vividly to life. Their search for love, their heartbroken anguish, their wit, and their unceasing loyalty to each other--all of it will remind you why they are two of Austen's most beloved characters.

Whether you're new to Barton Cottage or have visited often, one thing is assured: This read will delight your heart and stir your spirit.

Who is Jane Austen?
Jane Austen, daughter of a clergyman, is the beloved author of some of the most acclaimed fiction of all time. Though writing about provincial life in late-18th century England, she captured timeless themes that transcend centuries and languages. Almost as popular today as ever, Austen is undoubtedly the most influential female novelist ever.

My Thoughts
I’ve been considering getting one of Jane Austen book for a few years now but I never did so far. Yes I am honestly saying to you that I have never read one of her book before. When I had the opportunity of reviewing a new edition of Sense and Sensibility, I thought it was the perfect opportunity of revising this lack in my bookworm life.

So as many of you probably know, this is the story of two sisters and their love ones. So I won’t expand on the story per say for this review since this is apparently a classic in English literature. Being French Canadian, I had not gotten to know Jane Austen in the past. But I am now and I am glad to have read one of her book. But I must be honest to say that at times, I was having trouble to understand the old English style of writing and reading. For example, when talking about the age of someone, they would say of me one and forty instead of forty-one. So I figure that part pretty easily. But other terminology and words were harder to understand.

Well the insight edition will bring various notes throughout the reading of the book to help clarify what the reader comes upon. There are historical and cultural details and definitions from England in the early 1800s. I really like these as it helped me to picture and situate the culture of that time. There are also facts and tidbits from Austen’s life that parallel or illuminate the novel. This information was interesting but I suspect that die-hard fans of Austen would really enjoy them. The reader will also have access of references to Sense and Sensibility to today’s culture, unscientific ranking of the novel’s most frustrating characters, themes of faith drawn from the novel or Austen’s life as well as comments and asides on the book’s characters and plot.

As I said previously, I am having some issues with the way it is written – old English style- but I also believe that a person shall make the effort of reading something out of her comfort zone once in a while. And this novel is definitively out of my own comfort zone. The story is a classic brought many times on TV and movie. The author is well known around the world. It is my duty as a woman who loves to read to get exposed to this kind of writing to expand my knowledge and my taste. So I pursue the reading every night and I discover a little bit more about the Dashwood sisters and their life in the 1800s in England. I find it interesting.

Another thing that I particularly appreciate in this book is the fact that the reader will find a series of questions that are perfect of a book club.

This review was possible because I received a copy of Sense and Sensibility from Bethany House.

Sense and Sensibility, insight edition is available everywhere even on amazon.ca and indigo.ca.

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  1. I, also, have never read anything by Jane Austen. I have been thinking I should, being a book lover and all. I'll have to look for this one.