Saturday, March 6, 2010

Supermarket Smarty

Supermarket Smarty

Ever lost your grocery list between the house and the supermarket? Or forgot to write down a product that you needed to make the recipe for supper? Introducing the ultimate reusable dry erase grocery list named Supermarket Smarty.

This neat little tool is fantastic. It has a unique design that will inform, organize and plan your grocery shopping. It has an easy dry erase surface on which you can list the products you need for your next grocery shopping. This is so easy to use. Write down what you need and when you come back, simply erase it and keep track of your needs for the next trip to the grocery store. It divides the food in specific categories like dairy, deli,fruits & veggies, buts, whole grains, protein and much more.

It also includes a menu planner for those of you who loves to plan your weekly meal in advance. I am not there yet. Somehow, I dislike planning menus... I never really done it in the past and I don’t see how I can add this on my schedule. But I must say that I am very fortunate to have a husband who loves to cook.

The Supermarket Smarty will also help you to track your coupons. How so? Simply includes your coupons in the coupon pocket and voilà you have them in hands when you go to the grocery store. I often forget my coupons on my fridge. So I know this little pocket will come in handy for me!

We know that it is important to read the labels before buying right? Well the Supermarket Smarty has a magnifying lens embedded in the front cover to help you read the small print on certain packages. Brilliant! No more crunching your eyes to read the list of ingredients for those of you who have allergies.

Oh! And the Supermarket Smarty comes with a magnet clip/pen holder that will attach to any metallic part (fridge or wall). My only negative comment would be for the pen holder part And the dry erase marker is retractable and refillable. I was quite impressed when I saw the pen retractable. Very impressive. However, I wonder how I can refill this marker when it won’t have any ink inside.

Do you want to take a tour? Simply go to and discover how the Supermarket Smarty can save your time.

And to top it off, I think their website is totally original with the section where you read about the Supermarket Smarty being a fridge. Pretty original!

Personally, I like the Supermarket Smarty because it is easy to carry around when doing the grocery.  I also like the idea of having your coupons included in it so you don't forget about them at home.  My husband on the other hand would prefer getting an application on his iphone to do his groceries.   So all I can say is that some people would like it while others might not.  

The Smarty package includes a Supermarket Smarty reusable dry erase grocery list, the magnet clip/pen holder and a retractable dry erase marker for 12.99$ US. Order yours at Supermarketsmarty now. You won’t be disappointed!

This review was possible because I receive a Supermarket Smarty from

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