Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Pull-Ups Potty Dance

Pull-Ups Potty Dance

I have been selected to promote and spread the word about the Pull Ups Potty Dance. Wonder what it is? It is quite simple; it is a new way to encourage the big kids who are starting their potty routine to learn a fun song and dance that they can do over and over again.

I have 4 kids and potty training it NOT my forte. For my first born, I didn’t have to go through it since he was going to daycare. But that changed when I decided to become a stay-at-home mom and got three more kids. And with child #2 and #3, I quickly realized that I wasn’t as gifted as my mother-in-law for this important step. Mind you my boys are all potty trained now but I must admit that it wasn’t as fast as I would have hoped…

Now with my daughter, it seems as though it would be different. She is 27months as I write this and already knows and tell us when she soiled the diapers. A few times already she peed and even pooped in the potty or the toilet. So I am quite encourage with this and plan to pursue her training. But I am not religious with it. A problem when you are potty training isn’t it. I need to remember and with homeschooling on my mind, well I tend to forget. Or I don’t have the patience to wait on her.

But my girl loves to dance on music. So the day I got my confirmation of participation to this blog tour, I uploaded the potty dance song and video and let her watched it on TV. She liked it. Quite a lot actually, even though she observed a lot at first.

The Pull-Ups Potty Dance provides kids with a fun ritual, making the process of potty training a positive and happy one for everyone. There's nothing like a bit of dancing to motivate success and make potty training something that our little ones enjoy and look forward to! Check out the Potty Dance instructional video here.

In fact, even Jessica Holmes ( and Traci Melchor ( from etalk are doing it!

To encourage my kids to use the potty or the toilet, we have set up a reward program. To encourage them to use it, we were giving little chocolates. Then when the pee process was achieve, we rewarded the 2nd step with little cards. Mind you this worked well with the boys but now I need to find something that will reward my girl – maybe some little ponies or something else. I definitively need to look into this real soon for her. The reward system worked his charm in our household and I strongly suggest everyone to try it out.

At you can download the video, the song and even the dance steps to teach your little one. You can also play a virtual game titled “So You Think You Can Potty Dance?” as well as send a note to someone else.  To have access to all these fun things to do with your Big Kid go to

Thanks to Mom Central Canada for the opportunity of blogging about the Pull-Ups Potty Dance.

I will try to put up a video of our version of the Potty Dance in a near future.

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  1. Cute! I'm your newest follower and found you on Mom Central. I'm trying to potty train right now so I need all the help I can get to persuade my little guy to do #2 :O)

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