Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Molly Members program

Molly Members program
This month as part of the Molly Reviews, I received a one month access to the Molly Members program. I was wondering what I would discover during this review. And I was quite surprise.

First let me list you what the membership includes…
  • The Molly’s Monthly Money-Saving Digest (which is a 4.95$ value by the way!
  • Access to Molly’s Member Memo’s filled with money-saving links and resources
  • Free members only downloads and e-books each month
  • Supplemental resources, tutorials and articles that correspond with the theme of the month,
  • Sneak-peeks and samples of upcoming Econobusters products
  • Contests and giveaways for members only
And this is only a few things that will be available for you as a member!
If you want to save money when you are going shopping, I think that the Molly Members Program is the way to go since you will have access to many sites allowing you to print coupons, compare the prices, cashback sites and many more.

You will also find information about Molly, access resources on frugal living, access a sale site to Molly’s e-books and literally get more for your money!
Personally, I already discovered a wonderful site that contains wonderful images for my desktop background. The pictures are simply breathtaking. I also accessed another site that was giving a bunch of laptops for free – laptops about different subjects like mathematics, reading, geography and so much more. There were also some preschool documents there too!
You will definitely get More Molly for Less Money if you choose to get a membership.

The price? 3.95$ US which is 1$ cheaper than the normal digest price AND you will get more for your money with all the goodies waiting for you when you sign on. To sign up simply go to http://www.econobusters.com/member_program.html.

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