Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Corel Digital Studio 2010

Corel Digital Studio 2010 - Produced by Corel

About the product
It's your story to tell, so make it unforgettable with Corel Digital Studio 2010. Taking a revolutionary approach to photo editing and movie making software, this new multimedia software gives you all the applications you need in one box. And they all work together.

Organize all your digital media in one place, effortlessly edit photos, burn music and turn your video clips into movies in just minutes. Got the latest technologies? Digital Studio also supports HD video and Windows® 7. The best part is sharing your memories with the people you care about—on popular websites like Facebook™, Flickr and YouTube™, on professional-quality CDs, DVDs or high-definition AVCHDs, and on your favorite mobile device, including iPod®, iPhone® and PSP®.

Making movies, photos and DVDs is easy with Corel Digital Studio 2010. Find everything you need right here.

Corel® PaintShop Photo™ Express 2010
Photo editing and photo projects made easy

• Organize and view all your photos, videos and music in one place
• Edit photos in one click or explore More Tools to enhance pictures even further
• Create stunning photo books, photo slideshows, calendars and more in minutes
• Share photos by email, print, DVD, Flickr™, Facebook™, iPod®, iPhone® and more

Corel® VideoStudio® Express 2010
Video editing and movie making made easy

• Organize and view all your videos, photos and music in one place
• Start making movies instantly with professional movie templates
• Quickly add fun openings, titles, transitions, music and credits
• Easily fix common problems, like bad lighting or shaky video
• Edit, burn and share your HD video
• Make DVDs and CDs, upload directly to your YouTube account or convert video to iPod®, iPhone®, PSP® and other mobile devices

Corel® WinDVD® 2010
Superior DVD playback made easy

• Get the world's number one DVD player software
• Play movies in standard or high definition
• Bring the cinema experience home with Dolby® Digital Surround Sound
• Watch DVD-Video, QuickTime®, Windows Media®, M2T and M2TS formats
• Bookmark your favorite scenes so you can pick up where you left off

Corel® DVD Factory™ 2010
DVD burning and converting made easy

• Organize and view all your videos, photos and music in one place
• Back up photos, videos and music on DVD or CD for safekeeping
• Add professional-looking DVD and AVCHD menus to your movies for easy browsing
• Convert video to iPod, iPhone, PSP or other mobile devices

My Thoughts
I had the opportunity of reviewing Corel Digital Studio 2010 after I contacted them and offering my services to review some of their products. I wasn’t sure they would answer me and they did. Imagine my surprise and delight when I received Corel Digital Studio.

It took me a while to be able to play with the software. Why? It’s not the fault of the software but more because some changes occurred in the house – my husband got a new PC and I inherited his older one while my old one will go to some friends of ours. So we had three PCs to get ready. Once my “new” pc was organized, I was able to install the Corel Digital Studio 2010 on it.

Then there was the matter of finding time to play with it. You see we are homeschooling our kids and this takes priority on anything else. But finally, one day I sat down, organized all my pictures and played with the software.

When you upload your pictures on the organizer, it takes a while but since we had many years of digital photos on my PC (and we do have a backup), then it was quite normal and expected that the system will take some time to do it. But once it is done, I like the fact that I can go in and see all my pictures organized by year.

The next step was to check out the PaintShop application. And I have found something that I am quite enjoying. The PaintShop Photo Projects is simply fabulous. Our friends, Rachelle & Tyler got married back in December. Not only were we the Maîtres de Cérémonie for the evening but I also took pictures from a different point of view. I guess I was being more artsy while I took some of these pictures. I was planning to burn a CD with the pictures but when I saw the kind of projects I could do with PaintShop I decided to do a slideshow with some of the pictures for them. I had quite some fun to do so. And I was able to change the music selection with an electronic song that I know they would appreciate.   I also did a little one that I will share here with you from a past trip we made in the Canadian Rockies.

I think this is my favorite product inside this package. But mind you I feel I am more gifted with organizing photos and scrapbooking than editing videos… However, this is not the only product that you will get in Corel Digital Studio 2010.

The VideoStudio will help you enhance, edit and share your videos. You can easily drag and drop videos and incorporate them together to produce a bigger video. The DVD Factory will help you create and burn DVDs with motion menus. Finally, the WinDVD will help you to backup your photos and videos as well as organizing your digital media. You can also convert your videos for your iPod, iPhone and other mobile devices.

Corel has created a wonderful product for families who want to do more with their digital pictures and at home movies. It is a product that I am recommending to anyone who is wondering what else could be done with the photos they have. Why not create some slideshows for the grand-parents or your extended family. It could become a wonderful gift every year to show them what happened in your life during the year.

Corel Digital Studio 2010 can be purchased at any store where you can get software. But it is also available directly from Corel. For a limited time, the product is 59.99$ instead of 99.99$. Click here to purchase it.

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