Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Announcing CreationConversations.com

Recently, a new form of social networking has been launched.   Called CreationConversations this network support and believe biblical account of creation.   Come and check out this interesting site.   Here's the official annoucement that I have received in my mailbox this week.

As more people seek to connect with those who share their views and beliefs, they are finding online sites that are uniquely geared to communities of interest. Among these, CreationConversations.com has become an internet-based network for those who support and believe the biblical account of creation.

Six days, a garden, and mankind’s greatest sin – all are part of a biblical worldview found at the heart of this new online community. Thanks to thriving social media platforms, this community of believers now has the ability to network, share events, and discuss issues of interest.

CreationConversations.com is a "facebook-like" online community uniquely designed to join individuals, churches, and ministries in their shared support and interest in the biblical account of creation. The site, built on the innovative Ning platform, is an excellent tool to educate as well as share information on resources.

CreationConversations.com allows members to form groups, take part in forum discussions, list creation type events, set up member profile pages, and more. You are invited to join and add your voice to a real community of believers that show their commitment to biblical authority.

• Find a comprehensive calendar of creation events from all over the country. (There is nothing like it anywhere on the web.)

• Get expert answers to your creation questions. The “Ask the Experts” feature is very unique. This feature will give the average person contact with some of the top minds in this field.

• Share recommended resources, download free books and homeschool helps, read about pertinent videos, DVDs, magazines, ministries, and media.

• Network with speakers, authors, pastors, evangelists, teachers, parents, students, and other believers.

This full-featured social networking site, allows users to easily interact with each other. Whether forming ministry connections or just seeking to interact with other biblical creationists, CreationConversations.com is a thriving community which welcomes the participation of those who believe these biblical truths.

Follow the conversation on Twitter as well at http://twitter.com/creationtalk  

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