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Brenton Brown - Adoration CD

Brenton Brown – Adoration CD
Survivor Records - Released Feb 23 2010

About the album
Survivor Records are pleased to announce the release of Brenton Brown’s inspiring, challenging, and infinitely appealing new album, Adoration.

Featuring co-writes with Paul Baloche (“Our God Saves” & “Because Of Your Love”) and re-recordings of Brenton’s classics “Holy Holy” and “All Who Are Thirsty”. There is also a soon-to-be-classic song “Thousand Stars, as well as the stunning title track, “Adoration”, reflects the strength of support for Brenton’s music these days.

After a recent run of magazine covers, awards (including one from ASCAP recognising the popularity of Everlasting God), and generally increasing buzz, there’s a fresh excitement about Brenton and his music.

Who is Brenton Brown?
Like everyone, Brenton Brown has an unusual story. He grew up in Cape Town, South Africa. He studied in Oxford, England. And now lives in Malibu, California. So how did this all happen? Brenton first came to the attention of the wider church, as one of the young worship leaders on the first Vineyard UK recordings, Come now is the time and Hungry.

His songs “Lord Reign In Me”, “All Who Are Thirsty” and “Humble King” joined songs like “Come Now Is The Time”, “Be The Centre” and “Hungry”. It wasn’t a bad start to a recording career! But though these were his first recordings as a solo artist, Brenton had been leading worship in his home town in South Africa for a number of years.

“The Lord got a hold of me while I was studying politics and law in Cape Town. After being confronted by the power of the gospel at a Bible study, I threw my lot in with a vibrant, multicultural church on campus while I continued to study politics and law at University.” Growing up during the demise of Apartheid made questions of social justice an obvious academic choice for Brown.

His studies went well and four years later he was on his way to Oxford University as a Rhodes Scholar. It was here he would encounter the Vineyard Movement and a style of worship that would affect churches across the nations. It was also here that he would participate in the recordings spear-headed by Brian Doerksen.

After finishing his studies in politics, philosophy and theology at Oxford university, and his recordings with Brian Doerksen, Brenton began work as the worship pastor for the local vineyard church in Oxford, accepting a worship leadership role for the Vineyard movement in the UK as well. Three records followed in as many years, Surrender (which included the Doerksen co-write, “Your Love Is Amazing”), Holy and Doing The Stuff (released as in the US).

Brown’s future with the Vineyard movement in the UK seemed assured and lay out before him. But life took a dramatic turn. Brown fell ill with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and was forced to leave his position as worship pastor and take a sabbatical in his South African home town. It was there that he married Jude - also ill with CFS. Faced with the career limitations his illness imposed on him, the decision to record a solo project with Survivor Records seemed a wise one. Two years later, Everlasting God was released with Survivor and with Sparrow in North America. The co-writes “Hosanna (Praise Is Rising)” and “Everlasting God” seemed to strike a chord with the church.

Following a ministry trip that a team from the Malibu Vineyard had made to Cape Town many years before, Brenton had visited California off and on ever since. Realizing that a change in pace and lifestyle might assist their recovery in 2005 the Browns reluctantly left London and their home church of Holy Trinity Brompton for California. Since then they have been welcomed into the Horizon family of churches and have travelled across the States and beyond leading worship in churches as far afield as Sweden and Korea. 2008 saw the arrival of a baby daughter called Bella, and Brenton’s second solo project, Because Of Your Love. Brenton has been fortunate enough to have his songs recorded by Chris Tomlin and Lincoln Brewster. He has five songs in CCLI’s top 100.

My Thoughts
Thanks to Graf-Martin I’ve discovered an artist that I didn’t know and that I quite enjoyed the songs while I listened to the CD for this review.

I would define this CD as a worship CD with a punch. Some songs are more dynamic while others are slower. The words of the songs praise the Lord of Creation and our Father in Heaven. It recognizes His love for us, our need for the Holy Spirit and how amazing our God is on various levels in our lives.

The songs I particularly enjoyed were Because of Your Love and Come Let Us Return on which I was more moved to express my worship to my Lord and Saviour.

While I was listening to this CD, my 9 year old son was in the living room and reading. He came to me and told me that he was really enjoying these songs. He told me that he loved this CD very much and I quote “it is very good, I like them a lot”.

The songs will stir something in you to seek God and come to Him in reverence. I have indeed discovered an artist that I didn’t know off and I recommend my readers to step out of their music comfort zone and purchase this CD.  It’s good to discover something new on the market that will help you expand your musical taste!

This review was made possible because I received a copy of Brenton Brown Adoration CD from Graf-Martin.

Brenton Brown Adoration CD is available at a CD store near you!

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