Thursday, March 25, 2010

Expedition Ireland - Download N Go Unit Study

Expedition Ireland – Download N Go Unit Study

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You know what I received via e-mail on March 17th – that is St. Patrick’s Day? I got the new Download N Go Unit Study titled Expedition Ireland. How cool is that? Pretty neat don’t you think?

When my husband’s maternal grand-father died, we drove in Northern Ontario to go to the funeral. We stayed at his uncle’s house (father’s side). There we learned that apparently there was some Irish blood in the family as his great-grand-mother (or was it the great-great-grand-mother – I don’t remember anymore) was Irish. So we learned something we didn’t know that week-end and now I am quite interested in knowing more about Ireland.

So imagine my delight when I saw that I was going to review Expedition Ireland this month. So I am off to explore Ireland, a country where the color green is definitively predominant!

This unit study will cover various aspects of homeschooling by including geography, history, language, legends, music, arts, sciences and so much more. A wonderful list of books is suggested at the beginning of the study and there is many choices since sometimes libraries don’t have all the possibilities of books on their shelves. Again the study is packed with interesting activities for the kids to do and complete a lapbook while learning more about Ireland. I particularly liked the video with the pictures from Ireland and the traditional music accompanying it. I also enjoyed reading more about the type of food that Irish people enjoy. And with some recipes suggested I look forward to discover and taste the culinary food of this country. I am certain that my kids would love this too as they love to cook with us when we do recipes.

Ireland is indeed beautiful and this unit study makes me want to pack and go discover the country for real. If you recently did a study on St. Patrick’s Day or if you have relatives from Ireland or even if you just want to discover a new country, I strongly recommend Expedition Ireland.

Expedition Ireland is available at The OldSchoolhouse store for 7.95$ US


  1. I have many, many Irish ancestors on both sides of my family. This looks like a great study for our family. We're concentrating on geography in June. I'll have to keep this in mind.

  2. We really enjoyed this--especially the food :) We must both be on the same team for these. I am also on this year's TOS Crew.