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Kumon Publishing

Kumon Publishing

About Kumon
Kumon workbooks and learning aids introduce basic learning skills to children aged 2 and up. Subjects covered include early learning and fine motor control skills; verbal skills; and math skills.

The Kumon method is what makes our workbooks so unique and effective. This method is a proven learning system developed to help each child reach his or her full potential. Concepts are introduced in a step-by-step manner that allows the child to master each in turn without getting frustrated. Before long, children gain confidence in their abilities and are motivated to learn on their own.

Kumon Publishing has more than two decades of experience and editorial expertise in creating products that are fun and educational. Our illustrations engage and delight children, and we use only the highest quality paper and full-color printing. Kumon Publishing has established itself as one of the world’s premier educational publishers with strong brand recognition and customer loyalty.

My Thoughts
I’ve received three books from Kumon to review; Geometry & Measurements Grade 3, Word Problems Grade 3 and My Book of Coloring for my toddler.

Geometry & Measurements Grade 3
In this workbook grade 3 student will read and write fractions on a number line, identify attributes of triangles and quadrangles, identify attributes of common three-dimensional geometric objects, determine and measure the area and the perimeter of a simple geometric figure, as well as approach length, area, weight, capacity, time, temperature and money problems.

The cover of the book is quite attractive and interesting. However, I find the inside lacking in colors. It does start well with some bright colors in the first pages but then everything turns green. I think it would have been better to keep the same way of printing the pages throughout the book.

What I particularly like about this book it that there is a variety of problems for geometry and measurements. It doesn’t stop to a few exercises but gives plenty of them. It also presents the two systems that can be found – the metric one and the one used in the US. My small disappointment is that the only exercise about money is based on the American dollar. But I guess this can easily be adjusted by Canadians while the child goes through the workbook.

Word Problems Grade 3
In this workbook, the grade 3 student will cover addition, substraction, multiplication, division, and estimation word problems as well as reading bar graphs and pictographs.

Again I find the cover quite attractive. Inside, the lack of color appears after a few lessons. I wonder why workbooks for older children lack the color that is ever present in the workbooks of younger children. Personally I think it would make the lessons more interesting.

I find that word problems are always tricky and having more of them can’t be bad. When a child read too fast and missed some important data the result won’t give the proper answer. Since practicing will help the child to take the time to think about the information found in a word problem, I think it is a good idea to get various examples from different places.

This workbook contains word problems that a 3rd grader would be able to resolve.

My Book of Coloring
Young children ages 2-4 will learn how to choose the correct colors and color within the lines. I asked to review this book so I can have a cute little book for my daughter who is 27 months. And I was particularly attracted to the ladybug on top of it. What can I say I love these little creatures… but you probably know that already…

Jasmine wants to color a lot when we do school with the boys. So this book is a great addition for my little girl. The pages are very colorful and partly colored. The child will see pieces of the drawing with missing color and he/she will have to use the suggested color to complete the picture. Also included in the workbook are exercises that will help the child to follow direction like draw a line between the dot to the star without touching the butterflies.

Now that I have this book in my hand, I wonder if my daughter will totally understand the instructions right now. I might wait until the fall to give her this book in her hands. I find her a little bit young for it.

Each workbook from Kumon Publishing retails at $6.95 US and $7.95 Canadian.  They are also releasing some language arts workbooks later this year.   I look forward to discover these.

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