Wednesday, March 17, 2010

SafetyTat - just in case and a GIVEAWAY!

SafetyTat – just in case

About the Product
It can happen anywhere--at an amusement park, zoo, school field trip, or even your local shopping mall. Your attention shifts for a moment, and suddenly your child or loved one has wandered out of sight.

So put the odds in your favor for a safe return, with SafetyTat. SafetyTat is a fun and colorful kids temporary safety tattoo. We have two distinct types of child id temporary tattoos: "Original" which are customized by us with your mobile phone number and applied with water or "Quick Stick Write-on!" which are peel-and-stick tattoos shipped blank so you can write in your mobile number with the provided tattoo marking pen. When applied to the arm of your child or loved one, SafetyTat provides a highly visible form of identification that stays in place even when wet!

How the idea of SafetyTat came to be?
The idea for SafetyTat temporary child ID tattoos was born of necessity one weekend at an amusement park. On Labor Day Weekend, Baltimore Mom, Michele Welsh and her husband, there with their three small children, felt out-numbered. To stave her panic, she quickly wrote her mobile phone number on each of their arms with a ballpoint pen. As she did this, she thoughtfully explained to each of them the importance of staying close to Mommy and Daddy. She also told them that if they were separated that the number on their arm was a way to reconnect with them.

Throughout the day of fun, Michele had to rewrite the number several times as it smeared or washed off. Several parents in the park stopped her to ask if that was her number on the kids' arms. Each time, they loved the idea.

The day was a success and the idea for SafetyTat temporary child id tattoos was born.

My Thoughts
I’ve stumble a while back on SafetyTat’s website. Back them I was looking for a website to order tattoos for the kids because let’s face it kids love tattoos. In fact, my kids are tattoos’ crazy! *grin* And any time I can I get some for them.

So I stumble on this site and thought it was a great idea. I bookmarked the site so I don’t forget it for future reference. We would love to bring the kids to Walt Disney World and when I showed this site to my husband he thought it was a wonderful idea and so much secure for us who have 4 kids ages 2, 4, 6, and 8.

Not until recently did it dawn on me that I could offer them to review their products. Why I haven’t thought of this before, I don’t know but I decided to contact them as we are thinking of attending Cornerstone 2010 this summer. And their response was positive. Not only did they send me some samples but they also offered two giveaways as well as a discount for my readers. WoW! Isnt’ that fantastic? Keep reading for the giveaways and the discount.

So I’ve received two Quick stick write-on safety tattoos samplers this week. In one pack you will get six tattoos as well as 6 skin prep wipes. Also included in the pack, you will find a pen to write the emergency data on your child. Talk about being prepared. These packs can easily be place in a purse, a diaper bag, a backpack or any other bag you carry with you.

The instructions are easy to follow and you will also have some tips on what else you can do.   One of these tips is to take a photo of each child with your camera or cell phone, so you can show what they're wearing.   Duh!  Why haven't I thought of that.   When we go to a mall we don't know in the US or Canada, we take a picture of where we parked the car and which door we go in so why in the world I haven't thought about taking a picture of my kids before we go in a busy place like a zoo or museum.   One thing we do though is that we all wear the same color of shirt.

The tattoo itself is an appliqué skin-safe peel and stick (a bit like a band-aid) and is made of a micro-thin elastomer with medical grade adhesive that is hypoallergenic and skin safe. You simply apply the SafetyTat on the skin of your child and write the emergency information on the tattoo. In this age of cell phone – there is no reason someone can’t contact you if your lost child is found.   The tattoo will last up to two weeks, no water is needed to apply it and it is completely waterproof.   And to remove the SafetyTat it is as easy as removing a band-aid...  Honestly I don't think you could ask for better than this to have peace of mind while visiting a place where your child could easily get lost.

Think about it… How many times do we hear about a child that got lost? Often. This useful child id can provide ICE (In Case of Emergency) information rapidly since it is located on the arm of your kid. You can use it while at theme parks, museums, scout trips, playgrounds, airports, shopping malls, traveling, stadiums, water parks, site seeing, field trips, zoos, drop-off birthday parties and play dates, first day of school and much more.

I’m also thinking that this product is perfect for special need children. My nephew is a special need child and he wouldn’t be able to give the information if he got lost. This product would be an extra peace of mind to my sister-in-law and her husband when to go to a special place.

Anyone can use it – mom, dad, grandma, grandpa, aunt, uncle, teacher, babysitter, nanny, day care, friend, scout leader, etc.

This little product is getting rave reviews from all over the world. You can buy it in the US, Canada, Australia, Germany, Czech Republic, Singapore, South Africa and Sweden.

This review was possible because I received some samples from SafetyTat directly.

SafetyTat tattoos are available on their website –

SafetyTat has offered 2 of my readers a chance to win one sample pack of their Quick Stick Write-On!, a choice of Boy, Girl, or Multi design pack (open to the US and Canada). They also set up a special discount for my readers so you can save 10% off an order of $15 or more.

How To Enter
Go to and tell me what you like about their products. This first entry is mandatory and must be done before additional entries.

Additional Entries
~ Follow my blog – and let me know about it
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This giveaway ends April 10th, 2010 at 9 pm. The winner will be chosen using and will have 48 hours to respond to my e-mail before a new name is drawn. One entry (plus mentioned additional entries) per household, US and Canada only. Don’t forget to include your e-mail so I can contact you. If it’s not there and I can’t give you the good news I will have to choose someone else!

On top of this giveaway SafetyTat is giving my readers a 10% off an order of $15 or more. Simply put the code CanadianLadybug (Attention it must be typed as seen - case sensitive!). While ordering your Safety Tats to take advantage of this rebate. Good for US and Canadian orders until March 31st, 2010.


  1. Hello,

    I am already a fan of yours on Facebook. I will become a fan of this product on Facebook as well!

    This product seems like such a good idea. My children are still small and it would be hard for them to tell someone who they are if they got seperated from us (just the thought of it makes my heart race)!
    I would love to try this product! Thanks for posting a review on this!

  2. I posted the product on my facebook page!

  3. I am a fan of your on Facebook!

  4. I think the "instant-ness" of someone being able to contact me if one of the Littles gets separated from us. Especially now that we've moved, I'm not exactly sure if they'd know their address or phone number in a frightening situation, you know? What a great product idea!!!
    I'd love to win a sample, Isabelle (and as a facebook friend, does that count as following you.. I follow everything you do! LOL!).
    Either way, I think I might be buying some to use when we're out and wandering this summer...
    I'm as stunned as you are the simplicity of the idea of taking a pic with the cellphone.. DUH! sheesh.. sometimes we have to wonder, eh? LOL!