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The Complete Creation Museum Adventure

The Complete Creation Museum Adventure

Published at MasterBooks

About the book
The second book in the best-selling Complete Adventure series is designed by the creative folks at Answers in Genesis. This unique “field trip in a book” focuses on the exciting new Creation Museum just 7 miles west of the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport. Visitors explore dinosaur exhibits, video theaters, a petting zoo, a state-of-the-art planetarium and much more.

Join young discovers, Grant and Megan, as they search for and learn answers to important biblical questions and explore the world around them. They discover:
  • Man and dinosaurs once lived at the same time
  • In the beginning, God created everything to be “very good”
  • Death, disease and suffering were not part of the original creation
  • God has a plan to restore His creation
  • Each of us is designed with a purpose and a plan
Designed for on-the-go learning, the convenient activity kit can be removed and used during your museum or at-home activities. Explore your world and your faith and prepare to believe!

  • Adventure map
  • 7 creature feature cards
  • 7 challenge cards
  • 7 devotionals
  • 14 reproducible activity sheets
  • 7 fact-finder cards
  • 7 eyewitness cards
  • 7 case files
  • 3 teacher guides

 My Thoughts
This adventure is simply amazing and instructive. I already have the Zoo and Aquarium adventures books and was looking forward to review this one.

The book starts with the introduction of the characters that you will follow while reading it. Then you are set to discover the Creation Museum. In this book, you will discover the museum and get tons of information about what you can read, see and find there. The photos are simply stunning.
Various sections are included in this book, at the museum, biblical authority, from the beginning, the flood, the gospel, dinosaurs and much more. When my kids flipped the pages inside this book, they were all excited (especially my two older ones!) and asked if we could go there someday. Maybe this summer they were told. Boy were they excited...

The more time I spent reading and discovering this book, the more I had goose bumps. I mean there is so much information in here that you can study it before visiting the museum. On the other hand, you might have nothing to discover when you visit the Creation Museum. I’ve showed the book to my husband but he doesn’t want to read it before we go visit the place (which will be hopefully this summer like I mentioned earlier). For me I enjoyed digging into the information provided in the book. I’m a planner and I want to be able to have a wonderful visit while we go.

At the museum, you will go through events from the Bible; creation, flood, the Gospel. You will also get much information on dinosaurs. In the book, you will find a section called After the Museum and you can go through case files to discover more information about specific events in history. There are also many activities for the kids to do. The Appendix contains some teaching materials which will help you organize the lessons linked to the museum.

Finally, a toolkit is provided and it includes a map of the museum, 7 fact finder cards, 7 creature feature cards, 7 eyewitness cards, a code breaker, a biblical timeline and 7 challenge cards. These can be used during the visit to the Creation Museum.

Once again I am blown away by the quality and the details contained in The Complete Adventure books. They are ingenious and will help you to have a fantastic time at the zoo, the aquarium or the Creation museum.

This review was possible because I receive a copy of The Complete Creation Museum Adventure from New Leaf Publishing.

The Complete Creation Museum Adventure is available at your favourite bookstore even on and

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