Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Extra! Extra! Upcoming giveaway from CSN Stores...

As homeschoolers you always want to find the best products to teach various subjects for your kids. One subject that could be touchy for moms is definitively science don’t you think?

Recently I’ve discovered the website of CSN stores and explored their gigantic web of stores. With over 200 stores known collectively as CSN Stores, you can easily find something for your need. From toddlers beds to cookware and even educational products that cover science lessons, it is all there at the tip of your fingers.

I am so excited because I just got a confirmation that I will be doing a review and giveaway for CSN Stores soon! In the meantime, if you need anything for your house, please check them out!  They are shipping in the US and Canada.   Why running around like a turkey without an head from stores to stores when you can do it in the comformt of your home?  CSN Stores is leading the way for online shopping.

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  1. I have my very first giveaway up and running from a great Canadian company- come by and enter