Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Access Learning



About Access Learning

Distribution Access is Canada's largest provider of Canadian educational content. We are proud to make Access Learning, a Canadian Educational
video streaming service we provide to Canadian schools, available to home schooling parents.
Access Learning is a web based subscription service that contains award winning K-12 educational videos that is now available for parents and students, to search and stream content that has been correlated to provincial curriculum. Access Learning is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Sharing Bookmarks, lesson plans and student activities are just a few of the unique features Access Learning offers.

Other features include:

• Over 40,000 educational video clips
• Over 3,500 full length programs with more Canadian content
• New productions added monthly
• Matched to Canadian curriculum
• Connected to “real world” applications
• Advanced searching techniques

Our Thoughts

I literally stumble on this site before the beginning of the school year.   And I requested the possibility of reviewing it which was granted.

My kids LOVES science videos – anything that involves animals and fun learning experiences.    So we concentrated our video selections to some titles like Disney Animal Worlds and Canada Geographic.    

It is nice to be able to access education videos directly from our home.   We don’t have to worry about running to the library or be disappointed when what we are looking for is not even available.

Directly from your PC, you can access a huge wealth of education videos for your homeschool kids.  At home, we have a PVR that my husband has put together and we have the internet access directly from our TV.   It was a piece of cake to have the kids watch about animals and Canadian geography from the comfort of our living room.

You will have access to Bill Nye the Science Guy, The Eyes of Nye series, CGKids, Cerebellum and much more.  Currently, we are studying the human body and physiology and I am complementing the lessons with videos on the human body.    The boys have finished learning about the cell and they watched the cell education video from Bill Nye afterward.   It was fantastic to see them recognizing what they had just learning from the video.  They enjoyed it a lot.   In fact, all the Bill Nye videos on the human body is enjoyed by the four kids.   

The price for homeschoolers is 85$ per year.    It’s not bad when you think of the 3,500 full length programs  you can access.   But as homeschoolers we also know that money can be tight and regular curriculum are a priority on our purchase list.  

We will miss having these videos when our access will end.   But I am keeping this site in mind as we enjoyed it so much over the last few months.   It is definitively a site to consider if you are a homeschooler. 

This review was possible because I received a free access to the accesslearning network for a period of three months.   

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  1. There is a coupon code: MISSNEW that will lower the price to $49.99/year. Thanks for the review.