Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Mark’s Warehouse

imageOne morning, I decided to be bold enough and contact a clothing store to see if I could review their products.  Mark’s Warehouse has many innovative technologies for clothing which I had experienced a bit in the past with the Curvetech products.  

I decided to try to see if I could review something from their store.   Imagine my joy when I received a positive answer.   I got asked to send my size and I could receive some samples.    I decided to go to the store and try some things to see what would interest me.   I then send them the products and sizes I had tried and let them know that they could surprise me…   Yeah I know.   It’s bold and crazy but at the same time it was more fun for me!

What is Mark’s Warehouse? you might wondered.   After all not all my readers are from Canada.  *grin*   (I’ve recently discovered that I have readers from all around the world!)

From 1977, Mark's Work Wearhouse has evolved from one small store in Calgary, Alberta to over 350 stores across Canada. Today, we're proud to be part of the Canadian Tire Company.

In every store, Mark's goal is to provide our customers with "Clothes That Work" for their lifestyle 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. With one-stop convenience, we offer our customers exclusive private labels and Canada's best sellers in quality casual and business wear, outdoor apparel for men and women, workwear, and safety footwear.

Okay.  Now you might be wondering what I received.   First, let me specify that I had given them a list of six products from which they could choose from.   Two of these were more expansive items.    Something that I needed from such a long time – a new jacket to go outside during cold weather.   The one I had was bought in my late teenager years before I went to University – YIKES!  

So this past week, I received a package from Mark’s Warehouse.   Inside, this package was…….   Drum Roll please!

imageA NEW COAT!   I feel so blessed and just love it.   It is a 3-in-1 type of coat where I can separate the inner jacket from the main coat for three different ways of wearing it.     The kids were so excited for me.  Even my husband couldn’t believe his eyes…   After all, this was the most expensive item from the list!

This beautiful coat will also keep you comfortable in a wind chill factor of –35 degree Celsius.  This coat has some of the technologies of Mark’s Warehouse attached to it.

  • The dri-Wear® instantly and permanently draws moisture from the skin to the outer layer and locks it out.
  • The HYPER-DRI® HD3 is a water repellent/breathable protection that will keep you dry and adds durability and easy-care.
  • The T-MAX™ insulation regulates your temperature by allowing moisture and excess heat to escape and keeps you dry and comfortable.

The first day I received the coat, I had to separate the inner jacket as is was quite warm outside.   I wore it while going to pick up the mail and while I was walking a little ladybug came and landed on myself.    I was amazed by this little creature that stayed on me for the longest time.   

imageOn Thursday morning, while at my bible study at my church, a friend mentioned that the “robin egg” color of the coat was nice for me (BTW it was colder that morning so I wore the whole coat.).  Actually the color is called Morning Sky.  *grin*  But seeing the color of the eggs of a robin, I guess she is right.   It is quite similar…

I am quite pleased with the coat.   I like the flexibility on how to wear it and the warmness of it.    This coat is definitively a blessing for me since I was in need of such an item.  And with the cold weather that is setting in, I am pleased to be warm when I go outside.  Let me tell you that I was grateful to wear it on Halloween this year because the cold weather had arrived faster that we would have liked.    I am even looking forward to spend time in the snow with my kids this winter!   To top it off, I discovered in this week’s flyer that they also have winter gloves to match the coat I got.  

One interesting feature that the coat possess is that the little overlap of material covering the zipper when you include the inner jacket in the coat itself.   This means that you do not have a cold zipper part sticking in your face during the cold weather.    I am impressed that someone has thought of this and made the effort to design the coat for a maximum experience during the winter time.   

If you are looking for quality clothes, I would strongly suggest that you check out the variety of items you can find at Mark’s Warehouse.   They have everything for women and men whether you are looking for work clothes or just comfort clothes for home.  The only thing that is missing in this store would be the children section.   Maybe they will explore this market in the future…  If they do, I know that the quality of their clothes will be higher than other brands out there.   

This beautiful and warm coat can be purchased at Mark’s Warehouse for the price of 209.99$.     It comes in a small selection of colors (even in Deep Plum!). 

This review was possible because I received a coat from Mark’s Warehouse.  

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