Tuesday, November 2, 2010


imageZipfy – Freestyle Mini Luge


About Zipfy

Zipfy is uniquely designed rugged plastic snow sled with a distinctive lever used for stability and turning.   Pronouced [zip’fee].

It is the easiest, safest, most exhilarating downhill sport…. ever!

Zipfy is a lightweight, compact snow sled that makes for an exhilarating downhill ride.

Zipfy is incredibly safe - to stop simply drop your heels to slow down or come to a complete stop. Zipfy is also very maneuverable - you can steer by leaning into the side and carve down the hill.

Zipfy is the must-have item for anyone who loves to play in the snow, engineered for all ages making it the perfect family fun sport!


  • Recommended ages 5 & up
  • Weight: 3.5 lbs  Capacity:250lbs
  • Size: 13"L x 21"W x 16"H
  • Material:HDPE Plastic

It received numerous award in the past RealSimple Magazine Best Product 2009, RedBook Magazine Best Product 2009, Best Selling Sled on Amazon 2007, 2008, 2009 and Top Toy of the Year Award 2009, 2010

The Zipfy is engineered in Canada but made in USA.

My Thoughts

When I stumbled on this site a couple of weeks ago, I was intrigued.   I figure I could ask for a sample and review it.    So I asked and they agreed to send me one.    Even thought we had snow on October 30th, it wasn’t enough to stay put until I received it.   As I am writing the review, the snow has almost all melted and disappeared. 


We will have to wait a couple of months before we properly try it out.  But apparently this little luge is good for people of all ages and can handle up to 250 lbs.

For fun, I decided to sit on the one we received which is Electric Eel Green…  Bright like this, I’m sure to find my kids in the snow even during a snow storm… LOL  Seriously, though if it can handle me, the kids will have a blast on it.    It is easy to sit on and the luge is sturdy.  

It has an interesting design and I am quite curious to see how it will go on the snow.   Apparently, you can also compete on the sand dunes if you want too.   Ingenious don’t you think.   A sled that you can use during winter and summer time.   Perfect for active children!  It also means that we could bring it with us in the RV when we go to the beach.   

They even have instructions on how to ride the Zipfy on the website.   From what I saw on the video of the dune sand, at first you might need a bit of practice (poor guy who received the sand in his face… yikes!).

imageI think this little luge will be lots of fun for my kids this winter on the hill next to our house.    They will have to take turns to enjoy the ride though.   The best part is that if you know others who have this little luge, you can organize races and have fun together.

Want to get one for your child or the kid in  you?   Well, you can find them in Canadian Tire, Chapters Indigo, Costco Wholesale, Home Hardware, Scholar’s Choice, ToysRUs in Canada.   For the US, you can find the Zipfy at amazon.com, Barnes&Noble, BJ’s Wholesale Club, Cabela’s, Costco Wholesale, Target, ToysRUS, True Value and more.    The price in Canada is 39.95$.  The price is about the same in the US.  

This review was possible because I received a Zipfy from the creators behind this mini luge.

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  1. looks easy but isn't. not as great as I expected. My 5 year old became really frustrated and his cousins aged 9-20 didn't really like it either. all the videos look awesome, but they are deceiving. what can you expect for $40!