Friday, November 12, 2010

Missed…. oups!

I missed one post in the National Blog Posting Month.
Maybe I had too much things going on this week…   But yesterday was also Remembrance Day.   During our mom’s Bible Study we watch a small video about the veterans in Canada and we remembered them for 1 minutes at 11 o’clock.  
In the afternoon, I was so tired that I had to nap for 30 minutes.    When I woke up I was refreshed. 
It was also AWANA night… and I needed to go pick up the friends of Alexandre to bring them.   He had invited them to come for the evening.  
Tomorrow I have a busy afternoon.   I am hosting a Mega Bloks Dragons Universe party and there will be a bunch of kids ages 5-8 with their moms here.    So the objective today is to clean the first floor and keep it clean… LOL

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