Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween 2010

This year for Halloween we had three super-heroes and one detective.    We were not planning to buy any costumes this year but during a small trip to Ogdensburg, NY we discover the cutest costume for our daughter.   Being Super-Heroes fans (and comic books fans for that matter…) we had to get it.   So we bought her a new costume that will hopefully last for two years.  
Dominic wanted to be Superman this year and Jérémy opted for Spider-man.    Their big brother has been talking for over a year of being a detective and after a purchase at the dollar store for a fun hat, he had an easy costume to do (he received his detective gear at a birthday party last year!).
My kids had a blast trick-or-treating this year.   Our area is full of young families.   However, I find that a lot of older teenagers are going from house to house to get some candies.   I don’t know why they do that but honestly I find that it should be for little ones…   At 15-16 or 17 years old it is a bit old to go door-to-door.
This year, Halloween was a Sunday.  Usually we go to the mall and collect candies but since we felt we needed to go to church we decided against it.   We then drove to my in-laws and brought a lunch.   We stayed a bit and went to my brother-in-law which is a block away to see them a bit.   Afterward, we went home and rested a bit before going out at 5:30pm.   I know….  I’m early.   We were the first ones to go out. LOL
But we had fun.   After a while the younger two were tired and I brought them back home before the two oldest and I decided to continue.    We ended up having a laundry basket full of goodies and cold legs for me.  
I sure hope that next year it will be warmer.   Having a bit of snow fall on October 30th made it a bit cool to go around the neighbourhood. 

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