Saturday, November 13, 2010

Mega Bloks Dragons Universe Party

Not too long ago, in a galaxy near this laptop, I received an email which I couldn’t pass on.    I was asked if I was offered to host a MommyParties for Mega Bloks Dragons Universe.   I applied on it and got selected.   So to prepare for this event, I planned Dragons Scales (tortilla chips with salsa dip) as well as Skullcrush Slush (a smoothie) for my guests.

At first I wondered if I would be able to get the 10 boys requested for this party but I was able to have 9 kids and their moms.    Must I mentioned that this was my FIRST ever party to host for a product?    I was a bit anxious and didn’t know what to expect.IMG_4658

That morning, I made a cool sign to put on our house.  I found this cool Dragon theme pages on Word and decided to go with it.    I am quite pleased with the result of it.

Then my oldest son, Alexandre – age 9, got into the decorating part as well.    He created a sign saying “Caution! Dragon eating.  Do not Bother him or else!” .   He also grabbed some dinosaurs and created a little scene on the half wall next to the living room.    *grin* 


I also move the dining table close to the wall and set up all the chairs around the dining room.   After putting all the CDs, catalogues, pens, entry cars for the draw and coupons on the table I was prepare to receive my guests.  Oh my husband also helped a bit by creating the automatic display of the various images of Dragons Universe on the television as well as making the smoothie for us.  Thanks sweetheart!

IMG_4666  IMG_4668

The temperature outside was outstanding.  So I decided to hide the eggs/pods in the backyard.   I sent the boys on three different waves according to their ages.   *grin*   Just wanted to make it more fair for the younger ones.   Dragon’s Universe Mission 1 was in full action for about 10 minutes or so.  *grin*   They were eager to get their hands on one of the toys…

IMG_4676  IMG_4677

IMG_4678  IMG_4680


Then it came the time to built the dragons/fighters.    The boys sat down on the dining room floor and started to build their own character.    I found the the Alliance Military Force characters were a bit more complicated to build and the younger ones needed some help from their mom.  

IMG_4686  IMG_4691

IMG_4692  IMG_4695

IMG_4698  IMG_4702


My young guests had a blast!

Once the boys had their dragons and Alliance Military Force ships built, we decided to let them “fight” in the backyard and have a bit of fun.


Above are pictures of what the Alliance Military Force and the Dragons look like.

I must say that the even had been a HUGE success.  The boys had a great time and I think the moms relaxed a bit during the Battle that was going on in the backyard.  My husband did the draw and the winner of the Deluxe Dual-Blast Dragon Hunter was a very happy boy as well.   When he left, his mom got the pod he had gotten from earlier that afternoon and he carried the box himself to the car.  *grin*   He will have lots of fun with it I am sure of it…

Dragons Universe has also a wonderful online game for the kids too!   It can be accessed to   Check it out.  It is quite interesting.

This party was held to celebrate Mega Bloks 25th anniversary. You can win 1 or 25 Mega Bloks prize packs valued at $500 or if you will buy some Bloks for kids in your family (children or nephews/nieces) look for specially marked bags for a chance to win $25,000 towards your child’s future or win one of 25 Mega Bloks prize packs.   Click on the image below to access more information about it!

*Disclaimer- I was give all the Dragons Universe Mega Bloks toys for free to host a MommyParty.  All opinions mentioned in this post are my honest views of what we experience with the product. I was asked to share photos with MommyParties and Mega Bloks in return for them sponsoring this event.

Thank you to the following companies for the privilege of participating to this celebration!

Mega Bloks
BSM Media


  1. This looks like so much fun. I love the hide & seek idea, I should have done that.

    We had out party today too, it was beautiful out as well.

    I'm a new follower of yours.

  2. Great door prize!! Thanks! Our son spent much of the afternoon assembling and playing with this. Cool sound and light effects too!