Saturday, November 6, 2010

Remembering my maternal grand-mother


IrèneFontaineBoisséNovember 6, 1992.

Has it been 18 years already?   It’s hard to believe what happened to you grand-maman.   

You simply crossed the street so you could go to church that day – as you always did before.   Problem was, the church was on the same side of the main street as your apartment.   Why did you decide to cross in front of your house to cross back when you reach the church is beyond my understanding.   Apparently, you didn’t want to walk in front of the hotel for whatever reason.   *sigh*

But a neighbour in a hurry, didn’t check if someone was crossing the street and hit you.  Unfortunately, you didn’t make it.   You were pronounced dead at the scene.

Were you in pain for a while?   Did you feel the impact?   I wonder sometimes.

IrèneFontaineJosephBoisséWeddingPicture  You were beautiful and talented.   I like looking at your wedding picture.   You decided to marry my grand-father even though you got rejected from your own family.  Did you ever regretted it?    Did you wish at one point in  your life that you should have listened to your father?   You know I still have your painting in my dining room.  The ones you made when you were 16 on roller blinds…   I love them.  

And the quilts you made.   Each of my kjds have one.   And the baby one was used for all four of them when they were in the crib along with the blanket of your son who died when he was a baby.

You were born in 1904 and you saw so many thing throughout your life.   It wasn’t easy.  I understand that you had your share of difficulties.   My grand-father wasn’t the best of man which is disappointing I find.

I also have the two dresses you made me when I was a little one.   My daughter Jasmine wore them.   The one I prefer is the red one that you crocheted.   Jasmine was beautiful in it when she turned one.    (Below are picture of me and my daughter were the dress.)


I regret not having spend more time with you when I was a teenager.   I wish I could talk to you about the various events in the world and in your life.    You experienced two World War, you met Bombardier when he created the snowmobile, you got introduced to the television and so much more…   You cooked for over 12 people in a house.  You live on a farm.   You had to leave your house later in life.   You were a devout catholic who never missed church.  

I want to thank you for your prayers.   You prayed for all your grand-kids and I think that part of the fact that I am a Christian today is because I saw your devotion to God and Jesus throughout all these years.   I am trying to instil this love for our Saviour to my own kids now.

Yes I have four kids grand-maman.  And there are days where I wish you could know them – as well as my marvellous husband.  

Alexandre is my oldest.   He has an incredible memory and loves to learn.   He is thinking of becoming a doctor missionary later in life.   Dominic is my adventurous kid.   Well he loves animals like there is no tomorrow.   You should have seen how he approached the deers two years ago in Niagara Falls.   So gentle and patient.  He made sure that everyone of them would get a bit of food.  *grin*    Jérémy is energetic and likes to make us laugh.   I discovered recently that he loves Maths as well.    Agreed that his math book is simple but he did a whole lesson without complaining on his own the other day.    We might have an engineer or a computer programmer in our hands.    And Jasmine is very determined.   She is previous to me and Rob.   She is definitively our princess and she introduce pink and purple in our life.   

I think you would have love Rob as well.    He is wonderful.   He takes care of me and the kids every day.    He loves the Lord very much and seek to do His will.

Grand-maman I miss you but I also know that I will see you again someday.    I love you.  

Your grand-daughter,


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