Monday, November 22, 2010

Hose Buddy


Over the past summer, we travelled a few time with our RV. At one of the campsites, we stayed back in September, we experienced some issues 2010_09_11_11_21_56with the septic line.   Because the lines had not been installed underground yet (they were in the process of doing it – slowly), we had to use the good old duct tape to get our hose fit and stay in place.   It wasn’t fun whatsoever.   But we were staying there for a week.   Ours wasn’t so bad while others had a higher problem… 

Nevertheless we were not impressed.   So when we got back in town and I saw the Hose Buddy being featured in one of the RV magazines we receive, I thought this would be a wonderful product to review.   So I contacted the creator behind the hose buddy to see if I could review one.  He quickly agreed and send me one.

imagePresenting the hose buddy…    Really it is a simple device that I highly recommend for any rvers.    It is made of strong plastic and hollow at the same time.  You will have to fill the Hose Buddy with water so it stays in place.   This can be easily done just by removing the cap which protects the entry for the water.

When we received our Hose Buddy, my husband was quite impressed with it.   He said that we will never have the same problem again.   *grin*   With our Hose Buddy, we also received an extra cap – probably in case you loose the one included with the Hose Buddy.   However, to make sure we didn’t loose it, we had to use duct tape (yes this wonderful product) to secure it on the Hose Buddy.    Having done that, my husband said “You know, they should put a fake spout so that we can have the extra cap on it and not loose it.”  

When we received it, our RV was closed for the winter.   We are looking forward to bring it to our campsite and use it during in our travels in 2011.   I’m sure we will be able to share about this wonderful products with our neighbours too!   The Hose Buddy is definitively a product we would recommend to anyone who travels with their RV. 

Since Christmas is just around the corner, I would like to suggest that you consider the Hose Buddy for anyone you know who is an RV Traveler .   This can be purchase directly from the website – .

Disclaimer: Thanks to Jerry Reichenbacher for sending me the featured product for review purpose. I was not monetarily compensated for this review. Please note that the review was not influenced by the Sponsor in any way.All opinions expressed here are only my own.

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